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Executive Search Consultant
Anywhere in the U.S.

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Are you excelling in the AEC industry but looking for a new career path? 
Are you just tired of having others tell you what to do?

At API Partners we do things a bit differently. We’re not corporate. There’s no hierarchy. Instead, we team on every project and share responsibilities equitably. Each project is collaborative and there’s no micro-management. No one telling you what to do. But, you will get ample guidance and support from talented, supportive colleagues invested in your success.

What is API?
We are an established ‘start-up’ with 26+ years leading retained executive search + strategic consulting engagements with top regional, national, and global architecture and design practices. We engage leaders. We build careers. We develop strategies that advance business. We work with the talented people who design, develop, construct + manage the built environment.

Who is API?
We are a team of design professionals who are passionate about people, their careers, their lives, and their success.

Should I API?

  • Do you like working collaboratively? Yes
  • Do you enjoy strategizing? Yes
  • Do you like talking with leaders in architecture + design? Yes
  • Do great conversations energize you? Yes
  • Do you strive to positively impact your professional community? Yes
  • Do you like immersing yourself in the world of buildings? Yes
  • Do you want the space to stretch, and the support to grow? Yes

Why API?
Reputation. Collaboration. Engagement.
Flexibility: Work from anywhere in the U.S.
No professional limitations.

API Requirements?

  • AEC Industry experience
  • People focused
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Desire to engage at the highest levels
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Dry sense of humor required
  • Biting wit, sarcasm, and strong sense of irony preferred
  • Knowledge that everyone else is not as smart as you are

Let’s Talk.